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In case you didn't notice, fuel prices have gone down and while you might have felt it most when filling up your vehicle recently, airlines are also enjoying some relief from one of their highest expenses. But in case you also didn't notice, airlines are not lowering fares as a result.

Posted on Thu, 23-Oct-2014 at 20:56 GMT | Read More
Passengers bemoan the recent airline trends toward installing thinner coach seats. It's not because these seats are lighter and provide a bit less cushioning, but it's because of the added room they create – for more seats.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 5:06 GMT | Read More
IAPA recently provided comments to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) about the Department's efforts to expand rules requiring airlines to disclose fees and other charges in their availability displays and advertisements. New mandates would require airlines to provide additional ancillary fee information such as checked baggage and seat charges through all sales channels, not just airline web sites.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 3:56 GMT | Read More
A simple fingerprint might help you board a flight more quickly in the near future but it will take more than a special touch to make it work. The real challenge will be convincing airport security authorities that it can replace the various forms of identification currently accepted for travel.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 2:54 GMT | Read More
Fears over the spread of the Ebola virus from nations in West Africa to the rest of the world are front and center lately. The first cases diagnosed outside of West Africa are now documented and the airline industry finds itself tasked with trying to maintain business as usual while easing the concerns of some worried flyers.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 2:06 GMT | Read More
Passengers who find it hard to detach themselves from their mobile devices can rejoice as the European agency that oversees aviation safety has lifted the restrictions on devices that use mobile signals for connectivity during flights.

Posted on Wed, 01-Oct-2014 at 22:17 GMT | Read More
Update 28 September: As of Sunday, 28 September, Air France pilots have ended their strike. The airline says it is resuming flight operations progressively as planes and crew become available.

Original Post: A week-long dispute with pilots has made Air France hold off on its expansion plans for its budget airline Transavia. The pilots have staged a strike (8 days as of this post) in protest over the carrier's plans which they say could erode their pay and benefits. Over 60 percent of the airline's flights have been grounded as a result.

Posted on Tue, 23-Sep-2014 at 22:03 GMT | Read More
The debate over airline pricing transparency has taken many turns, but recently there has been movement that benefits passengers. For a few years, airlines in the U.S. have been required to advertise the entire cost of a ticket, taxes and fees included, or face fines. But some believe the requirements do not go far enough.

Posted on Wed, 10-Sep-2014 at 23:21 GMT | Read More
Airline passengers are used to hearing the rules about baggage, electronics, seat belts and smoke detectors in lavatories. The calls to safety are so mundane that many tune them out as they tune into their favorite song or scroll through the newest Facebook postings. Yet not much is verbalized about items you might have with you that could pose a danger.

Posted on Wed, 10-Sep-2014 at 21:06 GMT | Read More
Around the world, airlines are profiting. It was only a few short years ago when some were teetering on the brink of insolvency due to the economic downturn and surging fuel costs. Even with the slow recovery in many markets, airlines would still be bleeding red ink were it not for one change they made half a decade ago.

Posted on Tue, 09-Sep-2014 at 19:10 GMT | Read More
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