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The title of famous mystery novel And Then There Were None aptly describes the number of large U.S. airlines that still let passengers earn miles the old fashioned way – by actually flying those miles. American Airlines waited until after its full systems integration with merger partner US Airways to announce changes to its frequent flyer program, AAdvantage®, that will follow the trend of rewarding miles based on fare paid, not miles flown.

Posted on Wed, 18-Nov-2015 at 23:24 GMT | Read More
The recent crash of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt has prompted some carriers to either suspend service to the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh or stop flying over the region. With conflicts sprouting in various parts of the world, the abundance of sophisticated weaponry and nefarious intentions have put airlines on alert.

Posted on Tue, 10-Nov-2015 at 23:14 GMT | Read More
Airlines passengers in the U.S. are being asked to bring their electronic smoking devices on board with them. It's not a sign that smoking will once again be allowed inside an aircraft cabin, however. Rather, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is asking passengers who carry electronic cigarettes to not put them in their checked baggage. What's the difference? Apparently there is a very serious one.

Posted on Thu, 05-Nov-2015 at 22:14 GMT | Read More
Defining trends in the airline industry is like trying to hit a moving target. Just when you think you have a grasp of how things will be, something else changes. One-time trends that we now live (and fly) by are quite familiar – like fees for checking baggage and other services. However, some larger airlines are so disinclined to surrender the most frugal customers to the competition that they are now building ultra-low fare families that include little more than a reservation.

Posted on Tue, 03-Nov-2015 at 22:02 GMT | Read More
Call it a sign of the times or a cause for concern but the more automated the airline industry becomes, the more we are hearing about computer systems gone awry -- talk about a technical fault. Here's why passengers should brace for more, at least in the short term.

Posted on Fri, 16-Oct-2015 at 19:44 GMT | Read More
We've all seen it, especially if you have perused through countless posts from friends and family on social media sites. The proud holders of a boarding pass to an exotic destination or a fantastic seat in first class sometimes likes to post images of their airline triumphs for all to see. Security experts are now warning that showing off like this could be a risky move.

Posted on Tue, 13-Oct-2015 at 22:45 GMT | Read More
If only there were a single, master list of airline passenger rights that could be applied to every airline in the world. That would make air travel a bit more predictable and fair for everyone, but the reality is that countries, not airlines, make the rules when it comes to how airlines are supposed to treat their passengers.

Posted on Tue, 13-Oct-2015 at 22:32 GMT | Read More
Ultra-cheap international flights could be coming as one airline tries to use the "smaller airport" model followed by some of the most successful budget airlines. Many airlines have tried launching low-cost service across the Atlantic, many more have contemplated it. Just about all have failed.

Posted on Thu, 08-Oct-2015 at 20:41 GMT | Read More
Talk of implementing better aircraft tracking technology surged after Air France 447 was lost over open water in 2009. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines 370 in 2014 brought the subject to light yet again. How far are we from seeing an industry-wide improvement in the ability to track aircraft over large bodies of water? We're a bit farther than we initially thought, apparently.

Posted on Thu, 08-Oct-2015 at 20:39 GMT | Read More
If recent news is any indication, airline passengers might be winning small victories in their quest to receive proper compensation from airlines. Recent court decisions have forced airlines to pay compensation to passengers despite airline efforts to prove that some technical faults leading to delays and cancellations were not their doing.

Posted on Mon, 28-Sep-2015 at 21:55 GMT | Read More
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