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A week-long dispute with pilots has made Air France hold off on its expansion plans for its budget airline Transavia. The pilots have staged a strike (8 days as of this post) in protest over the carrier's plans which they say could erode their pay and benefits. Over 60 percent of the airline's flights have been grounded as a result.

Posted on Tue, 23-Sep-2014 at 22:03 GMT | Read More
The debate over airline pricing transparency has taken many turns, but recently there has been movement that benefits passengers. For a few years, airlines in the U.S. have been required to advertise the entire cost of a ticket, taxes and fees included, or face fines. But some believe the requirements do not go far enough.

Posted on Wed, 10-Sep-2014 at 23:21 GMT | Read More
Airline passengers are used to hearing the rules about baggage, electronics, seat belts and smoke detectors in lavatories. The calls to safety are so mundane that many tune them out as they tune into their favorite song or scroll through the newest Facebook postings. Yet not much is verbalized about items you might have with you that could pose a danger.

Posted on Wed, 10-Sep-2014 at 21:06 GMT | Read More
Around the world, airlines are profiting. It was only a few short years ago when some were teetering on the brink of insolvency due to the economic downturn and surging fuel costs. Even with the slow recovery in many markets, airlines would still be bleeding red ink were it not for one change they made half a decade ago.

Posted on Tue, 09-Sep-2014 at 19:10 GMT | Read More
That familiar invitation by the captain to sit back, relax and enjoy your flight is in jeopardy. Some passengers are not relaxing and enjoying their flights because others are sitting back -- and right into others' personal space. Welcome to the debate over seat recline etiquette.

Posted on Mon, 08-Sep-2014 at 21:56 GMT | Read More
You might have joked at one time about how flying today makes you feel more like a parcel package than a passenger. Well, if you want to get that cargo plane experience, you might want to consider flying in a windowless passenger plane. It certainly could happen but despite the fears, the effects might not be so unpleasant.

Posted on Wed, 03-Sep-2014 at 15:55 GMT | Read More
Scientists in Iceland have raised the aviation risk level to a near-high "orange" as recent volcanic activity could mean a return of ash clouds and the dangers it can pose to airliners. If you thought 2010 was a distant memory, think again.

Posted on Wed, 20-Aug-2014 at 18:38 GMT | Read More
Much has been reported about airlines changing the rules for earning and cashing in frequent flyer points. In short, many of the familiar programs are now being skewed toward the higher paying passenger as airlines seek to draw more profits out of one of the most successful loyalty schemes ever created. Will the not-so-frequent flyers be squeezed out in the process?

Posted on Tue, 12-Aug-2014 at 20:51 GMT | Read More
You likely know how to complete the saying that begins with the words: "If at first you don't succeed." A group that started a business class only airline just a few years ago, is trying, trying again. Will it fly this time around?

Posted on Tue, 12-Aug-2014 at 20:09 GMT | Read More
Amid the back-and-forth economic sanctions being imposed between Russia and western nations over the former's incursion into Ukraine, airline passengers could find themselves caught in the middle. The latest version of economic retaliation could come in the form of restrictions on flights over Russia.

Posted on Tue, 12-Aug-2014 at 18:12 GMT | Read More
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