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Airlines in the U.S. will be required to track and analyze safety data in order to spot trends and risks during day-to-day operations. Known as the Safety Management System (SMS), the protocols are the latest in an effort to cut fatality risks in commercial aviation in half from 2010 to 2025. But airlines will have only have the next three years to have a system in place.

Posted on Wed, 14-Jan-2015 at 23:32 GMT | Read More
Recent news about thieves attempting to breach mileage accounts at two large U.S. airlines has passengers wondering what kind of personal information held by airlines is completely safe. Add mileage programs to the list of digital accounts that people must monitor to keep safe.

Posted on Tue, 13-Jan-2015 at 22:10 GMT | Read More
More money in one's pocket is something anybody would enjoy. Passengers have been waiting with anticipation for airlines to start adjusting their prices downward to reflect the precipitous drop in oil prices over the last several months. As is usually the case with things that benefit airline passengers, the relationship between oil prices and ticket prices is a bit more complex than you might think.

Posted on Tue, 13-Jan-2015 at 20:51 GMT | Read More
Flying on commercial airplanes has never been safer. It bears repeating in light of recent tragedies that have remained unsolved. Few airlines, however, can boast a fatality free record for its entire existence in the jet era and that has allowed Qantas Airways of Australia to top the annual list of safest airlines once again. But for every best airlines list, there is a worst airlines list and the differences why are what we have to pay attention to.

Posted on Tue, 13-Jan-2015 at 19:51 GMT | Read More
Qatar Airways will be the launch customer for the new Airbus A350 wide-body jet due to make its commercial debut this year after being delivered to the airline in December. The A350 is a direct competitor to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner already in service.

Posted on Wed, 07-Jan-2015 at 22:12 GMT | Read More
The skies have never been safer for the airline industry but with increasing traffic comes the inherent need to keep aircraft safely apart from each other in the air and on the ground. Thankfully we have training, technology and procedures to ensure our safety, but one emerging concern has safety officials on alert.

Posted on Wed, 17-Dec-2014 at 22:12 GMT | Read More
Can an airline be all things to all passengers? One airline thinks so, which further proves that the lines between full service and budget service are indeed being blurred.

Posted on Thu, 11-Dec-2014 at 22:21 GMT | Read More
The U.S. is slowly beginning to authorize certain air traffic regions in the country for the use of next generation technology, or NextGen. The changes might seem small at first, but when fully implemented the effects on your flight could be large.

Posted on Tue, 02-Dec-2014 at 22:55 GMT | Read More
It may come as a surprise to some flyers but two carriers in the U.S. still let you check in a bag at no extra cost. One of them will even let you have two. This, however, is about to change as yet another airline is unable to resist pressure from investors to jump on the profitable add-on fee business model.

Posted on Wed, 19-Nov-2014 at 22:35 GMT | Read More
The balance between security and privacy has been shifting over the years as more government agencies insist on collecting private passenger data before allowing them to fly. In Germany, the threat of an airline ban by British authorities has emerged as a possible consequence of the way that country shares passenger information with the UK.

Posted on Thu, 06-Nov-2014 at 18:00 GMT | Read More
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