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A surge in pilot retirements plus the rise in airline passengers, especially in Asia, has some airlines scrambling to maintain and shore up their pilot numbers. Will forcing pilots to retire at a later age help ease the shortage? One airline hopes so.

Posted on Thu, 23-Apr-2015 at 18:40 GMT | Read More
The effectiveness of airport security can only be as strong as its weakest link. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is taking a closer look at airline and airport employees as it seeks to plug any potential holes in the vast security apparatus we flyers only get to see a small part of.

Posted on Mon, 20-Apr-2015 at 21:38 GMT | Read More
The more sophisticated and technology-dependent modern jetliners get, the more experts wonder about the vulnerability of their aircraft systems. What has become a welcome convenience – staying connected at 35,000 feet via internet access – is also sounding alarm bells about the possibility of in-flight internet networks becoming the entry point for hackers to gain access to aircraft systems.

Posted on Thu, 16-Apr-2015 at 21:08 GMT | Read More
If passengers bemoaned the increase in carry-on luggage because many airlines decided to charge for checked baggage, they might welcome the news that Boeing is making it easier to accommodate all that extra hand luggage. But will that ease some of the pre-boarding angst about running out of room above your seat?

Posted on Wed, 15-Apr-2015 at 19:57 GMT | Read More
Each year there are surveys, reports and other airline ranking mechanisms that give flyers a snapshot of how the industry is doing when it comes to service. One of these reports took a look at some carriers in the U.S. and the trends that emerged could be a concern to some airline passengers there.

Posted on Tue, 14-Apr-2015 at 21:13 GMT | Read More
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is looking to turn the tide that has drowned out airline passenger claims for compensation resulting from delays and cancellations. The agency has stepped up efforts to go after airlines that have yet to satisfy compensation claims after a six-month review of airline policies.

Posted on Fri, 10-Apr-2015 at 21:48 GMT | Read More
Pilots for Air India are warning the Indian aviation authority in charge of safety about the airline's aging fleet. There have been no fatal accidents for Air India in many years, but the union representing the airline's pilots are raising the issue as they seek new rules regarding their working hours.

Posted on Thu, 09-Apr-2015 at 21:15 GMT | Read More
Many passengers endure a great deal of stress while traveling by air. From on-time departures to seat assignments to long lines at security, a traveler has quite a bit to go through before even boarding a flight. For those traveling with their favorite four-legged companions, there is an added worry that one airline is trying to address.

Posted on Fri, 03-Apr-2015 at 15:58 GMT | Read More
There have been many reports about airlines in the West having concerns about some new competition coming from carriers in the Middle East. Now comes news that these new entrants in the global airline family are not only making moves to dethrone the long-time leaders in terms of prized routes, but also airport hubs.

Posted on Fri, 03-Apr-2015 at 0:41 GMT | Read More
Another conflict on the ground is affecting flights in the air. This week, European authorities warned airlines to avoid airspace over Yemen due to air strikes resulting from the battle between rebels and the supporters of the current leadership.

Posted on Wed, 01-Apr-2015 at 21:49 GMT | Read More
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