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If recent news is any indication, airline passengers might be winning small victories in their quest to receive proper compensation from airlines. Recent court decisions have forced airlines to pay compensation to passengers despite airline efforts to prove that some technical faults leading to delays and cancellations were not their doing.

Posted on Mon, 28-Sep-2015 at 21:55 GMT | Read More
Recent news was made concerning an airline flying the "wrong" aircraft on a flight between Los Angeles and Hawaii. While the word might seem a bit alarming, the aircraft was fit to fly by any measure. It just lacked some of the precautionary redundancies needed for an extended over-water flight.

Posted on Tue, 15-Sep-2015 at 22:37 GMT | Read More
American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, two of the largest airlines in the world, have cancelled their interline agreements. For decades the two carriers have allowed baggage and passengers to be transferred between them – a common practice in the industry. Now, that pact is no more and passengers are left wondering what could be next.

Posted on Mon, 14-Sep-2015 at 22:30 GMT | Read More
It was only a matter of time. After all the talk about lower fuel costs not translating to cheaper fares, some airlines in the U.S. could resist no more. Faced with empty seats after a very profitable summer season, carriers began the inevitable fare war. What was that about capacity discipline?

Posted on Wed, 09-Sep-2015 at 21:34 GMT | Read More
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has received recommendations from an advisory committee in the agency's Consumer Protection division and the wish list is something every passenger could support. But will the airlines play along?

Posted on Wed, 02-Sep-2015 at 18:40 GMT | Read More
Despite rumblings over the slower growth of some Asian economies, the airline industry appears as strong as ever – for the time being. Will the trend continue?

Posted on Wed, 02-Sep-2015 at 18:39 GMT | Read More
An embassy has been reopened and the plans for new travel opportunities are already being made. The tense U.S. relations with Cuba have eased after a half century of cold war tensions and now, despite a travel embargo that still is in place, airlines and other businesses are finding ways to re-introduce Americans to the island of Cuba and catch up with what most of the world's travelers are already familiar with.

Posted on Tue, 25-Aug-2015 at 19:50 GMT | Read More
Europe has some of the most consumer friendly airline compensation rules, but many passengers don't get to benefit because some airlines have been very brazen about refusing to pay the money. With a little nudge from regulators, they appear to be coming around.

Posted on Wed, 19-Aug-2015 at 21:44 GMT | Read More
When fuel prices spiked beginning in 2008, many large airlines began charging for checked luggage and adding fuel surcharges. They said that the charges would offset the higher costs of flying. The reaction from flyers was strong, and many suggested that passengers should be weighed, bags and all, and charged accordingly if fuel price was going to determine the cost of flying. Be careful what you wish for.

Posted on Fri, 14-Aug-2015 at 21:43 GMT | Read More
Large, so-called legacy airlines are having a tough time with one thing in particular: They don't like to lose passengers to smaller low-cost carriers but they also stand to alienate their more loyal customers if they try to be more like the others. Can an airline really be all things to all people?

Posted on Wed, 12-Aug-2015 at 20:52 GMT | Read More
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