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Change in the airline business is expected. Fares rise and fall (though mostly rise), fees are added for services, and new baggage policies keep passengers guessing as to what to bring, how big, and how much it will cost. But for frequent flyers, changes in airline mileage programs can be a little more personal.

Posted on Thu, 10-Apr-2014 at 22:58 GMT | Read More
More people flew in 2013 than in any previous year so it makes sense for passengers to expect that more luggage was misplaced or lost, right? Not really.

Posted on Thu, 27-Mar-2014 at 18:21 GMT | Read More
Any airline will admit that when it comes to preferred customers, elite frequent flyers (and payers) are the most sought after passengers. One airline is trying tempt these flyers away from their long-time carriers.

Posted on Wed, 26-Mar-2014 at 20:17 GMT | Read More
One way to keep airline carry-on baggage to a minimum is to charge for them and some budget carriers are doing just that. Other airlines find that simply enforcing the rules they already have might be the best way to assure everyone of some overhead real estate. One U.S. carrier will begin enforcing the size limit of carry-on bags on its planes but will everyone applaud the move?

Posted on Tue, 11-Mar-2014 at 22:34 GMT | Read More
Delta Air Lines is trying to lure high-paying travelers with a change to its frequent flyer program that will reward more miles to those who pay more for their tickets. Is putting money over distance the right formula when it comes to earning points?

Posted on Fri, 28-Feb-2014 at 20:20 GMT | Read More
There are rules on the books to protect European travelers from some of the headaches of air travel. The problem is that when it comes to compensating passengers, many airlines find ways to take advantage of some ambiguities to deny payments to them. European lawmakers are taking more steps to change that.

Posted on Fri, 14-Feb-2014 at 23:01 GMT | Read More
One U.S. agency is considering whether to lift the ban on in-flight mobile phone calls while another contemplates enacting its own rules to prevent their use in case the ban is lifted. Lawmakers are heeding the call, if you will, by drafting concrete legislation that could settle the matter once and for all.

Posted on Thu, 13-Feb-2014 at 22:30 GMT | Read More
As the Asia Pacific region grows into the largest aviation market in the world, the greatest passenger growth of late has actually come from the Middle East.

Posted on Mon, 10-Feb-2014 at 18:36 GMT | Read More
It's often said that time is money and if saving 80,000 minutes per year can translate to cost savings, UK airlines and their passengers could benefit from new air traffic control procedures.

Posted on Thu, 06-Feb-2014 at 22:06 GMT | Read More
Airline mergers are often touted by their participants as being all about giving the consumer more choice and better flight options. Opponents fear higher prices and a reduction in service. Do recent mergers prove both points?

Posted on Tue, 04-Feb-2014 at 23:36 GMT | Read More
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