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Now that airline fees for the things you don't like to pay extra for are part of everyday flying, the next generation of fees could be for some things you might actually value. Which ones would airline passengers find worth it?

Posted on Tue, 28-Jul-2015 at 21:43 GMT | Read More
Just about every flyer knows that the room in economy class seats is getting smaller – at least for the seats you don't have to pay extra for – while the average passenger size is not. If you're in the dreaded middle seat of a coach cabin, what little room and comfort you can borrow by leaning toward an aisle or a window is gone. One airline could change that.

Posted on Fri, 24-Jul-2015 at 22:09 GMT | Read More
According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), passenger traffic is set to double to over seven billion people over the next two decades. The demand can be met by airlines as long as there are enough pilots and enough fuel to fly the needed aircraft. Projections call for a shortage of both unless things change.

Posted on Wed, 22-Jul-2015 at 21:50 GMT | Read More
You often here this response to questions about why people (or in this case companies) do things that don't make much sense to us: "because they can". If someone were to ask you why airfares remain high despite good financial returns and lower fuel costs for the airlines, you can point to that sentence above.

Posted on Fri, 26-Jun-2015 at 14:59 GMT | Read More
The annual Skytrax rankings have been released and a new airline tops the list of "world's best" for 2015. Are there any other changes or surprises in this year's list passenger favorites?

Posted on Thu, 25-Jun-2015 at 4:15 GMT | Read More
Pilots of U.S. budget carrier Allegiant Airlines have issued a public letter to its passengers raising concerns about the airline's safety practices. The pilots allege that company executives are barely meeting the minimum safety standards in what they call "a race to the bottom in service, safety standards and treatment for veteran pilots." Is a labor dispute behind these allegations?

Posted on Mon, 22-Jun-2015 at 21:23 GMT | Read More
Call it the power of the people or the power of perception but the proposal made by an airline industry trade group to shrink the acceptable size limit of carry-on luggage has been beaten down. The pressure to rethink came from multiple directions and one large continent.

Posted on Thu, 18-Jun-2015 at 21:53 GMT | Read More
An airline industry trade group is proposing a standard size for carry-on luggage that would reduce the typical dimensions seen today by 20 percent. Put another way, the luggage dimensions would be slightly smaller than the size permitted by Europe's super-discount carrier Ryanair.

Posted on Wed, 10-Jun-2015 at 22:04 GMT | Read More
It's going to get harder for bargain hunters to nab that great fare as a major airline has decided to drive more business its way by driving up the cost of doing business with someone else. Airlines under the Lufthansa Group will begin charging more for airline tickets booked through online travel websites rather than their own.

Posted on Mon, 08-Jun-2015 at 22:19 GMT | Read More
Malaysia Airlines has the difficult task of remaking its image around the world after two tragedies in 2014. The airline is reorganizing, reducing staff and now wants to introduce a business class product to attract more flyers. Making it more affordable is appealing, but will the lack of perks cause business travelers to look elsewhere?

Posted on Mon, 08-Jun-2015 at 21:53 GMT | Read More
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