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A study of noise levels around London's Heathrow Airport shows that progress in reducing noise is being made slowly but surely.

Posted on Tue, 31-Mar-2015 at 21:10 GMT | Read More
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has authority over granting international routes to U.S. carriers. The agency typically considers several factors before giving airlines permission to fly certain routes. Among these considerations is flight frequency and in that regard the DOT has a "use it or lose it" policy that one airline has come close to breaching.

Posted on Mon, 30-Mar-2015 at 16:44 GMT | Read More
American Airlines and US Airways have been working on merging their operations and systems over the last 15 months following their union, but one of the few remaining marks that still remind passengers of the fact that two airlines still form the "new" American Airlines is about to change. The tens of millions of members in each airline's frequent flyer program have received notification that American Airlines is now merging the two programs into one.

Posted on Tue, 24-Mar-2015 at 20:13 GMT | Read More
The airline industry is full of rankings that pit the best against the worst. When it comes to airport performance, the expanding Chinese aviation markets are suffering from some growing pains of their own. Their airports rank among the worst for flight delays.

Posted on Mon, 23-Mar-2015 at 22:28 GMT | Read More
The days of paper tags and waiting to see if your missing bag shows up on the next flight could be numbered. Technology used for parcel tracking is making its way into the airline industry and that should make passengers a little happier.

Posted on Tue, 10-Mar-2015 at 21:47 GMT | Read More
Passengers in Europe who have been waiting for compensation payouts from some airlines might get a boost from a recent court ruling in the U.K. Some airlines have been delaying compensation claims stemming from technical or maintenance issues with aircraft. The airlines have insisted that the resulting delays and cancellations were beyond their control and exempt from compensation rules. A British court recently saw otherwise, paving the way for compensation claims to move forward.

Posted on Mon, 09-Mar-2015 at 17:25 GMT | Read More
Passengers already know the routine. An impending storm approaches and airlines begin to cancel flights ahead of the chaos. But unsuspecting flyers might be selling themselves short if they buy the airline's line about what they can or can't do with their tickets.

Posted on Wed, 11-Feb-2015 at 23:35 GMT | Read More
Amid complaints by some U.S. carriers that Gulf-based airlines have an unfair advantage against their western counterparts and are taking away their passengers, one airline chairman issued a simple message: give better service.

Posted on Wed, 11-Feb-2015 at 21:13 GMT | Read More
Qatar Airways will be the launch customer for the new Airbus A350 wide-body jet due to make its commercial debut this year after being delivered to the airline in December. The A350 is a direct competitor to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner already in service.

Posted on Wed, 07-Jan-2015 at 22:12 GMT | Read More
Can an airline be all things to all passengers? One airline thinks so, which further proves that the lines between full service and budget service are indeed being blurred.

Posted on Thu, 11-Dec-2014 at 22:21 GMT | Read More
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