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Passengers already know the routine. An impending storm approaches and airlines begin to cancel flights ahead of the chaos. But unsuspecting flyers might be selling themselves short if they buy the airline's line about what they can or can't do with their tickets.

Posted on Wed, 11-Feb-2015 at 23:35 GMT | Read More
Amid complaints by some U.S. carriers that Gulf-based airlines have an unfair advantage against their western counterparts and are taking away their passengers, one airline chairman issued a simple message: give better service.

Posted on Wed, 11-Feb-2015 at 21:13 GMT | Read More
Qatar Airways will be the launch customer for the new Airbus A350 wide-body jet due to make its commercial debut this year after being delivered to the airline in December. The A350 is a direct competitor to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner already in service.

Posted on Wed, 07-Jan-2015 at 22:12 GMT | Read More
Can an airline be all things to all passengers? One airline thinks so, which further proves that the lines between full service and budget service are indeed being blurred.

Posted on Thu, 11-Dec-2014 at 22:21 GMT | Read More
It may come as a surprise to some flyers but two carriers in the U.S. still let you check in a bag at no extra cost. One of them will even let you have two. This, however, is about to change as yet another airline is unable to resist pressure from investors to jump on the profitable add-on fee business model.

Posted on Wed, 19-Nov-2014 at 22:35 GMT | Read More
Now that American Airlines and US Airways are technically one airline, there are some details of the merger have yet to be completed. The next one involves their frequent flyer programs. What changes should members of each program expect?

Posted on Mon, 03-Nov-2014 at 19:01 GMT | Read More
Passengers bemoan the recent airline trends toward installing thinner coach seats. It's not because these seats are lighter and provide a bit less cushioning, but it's because of the added room they create – for more seats.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 5:06 GMT | Read More
IAPA recently provided comments to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) about the Department's efforts to expand rules requiring airlines to disclose fees and other charges in their availability displays and advertisements. New mandates would require airlines to provide additional ancillary fee information such as checked baggage and seat charges through all sales channels, not just airline web sites.

Posted on Thu, 16-Oct-2014 at 3:56 GMT | Read More
Passengers who find it hard to detach themselves from their mobile devices can rejoice as the European agency that oversees aviation safety has lifted the restrictions on devices that use mobile signals for connectivity during flights.

Posted on Wed, 01-Oct-2014 at 22:17 GMT | Read More
Update 28 September: As of Sunday, 28 September, Air France pilots have ended their strike. The airline says it is resuming flight operations progressively as planes and crew become available.

Original Post: A week-long dispute with pilots has made Air France hold off on its expansion plans for its budget airline Transavia. The pilots have staged a strike (8 days as of this post) in protest over the carrier's plans which they say could erode their pay and benefits. Over 60 percent of the airline's flights have been grounded as a result.

Posted on Tue, 23-Sep-2014 at 22:03 GMT | Read More
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