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A profitable airline wants to expand its scope by adding flights to its network and offer more seats to potential passengers. It's all in the name of growing the business which would be good news for that company, no? No it isn't; not in the strange world of airline economics.

Posted on Thu, 21-May-2015 at 20:12 GMT | Read More
UK Budget airline easyJet is planning to add more seats to its fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. An aircraft that currently maxes out at 180 economy seats could be fitting as many as 186. It doesn't sound like much of an increase, but try telling that to the tall passenger looking for room at the knees and overhead space for carry-on luggage.

Posted on Fri, 15-May-2015 at 22:05 GMT | Read More
Despite all the grumblings among passengers about changes to frequent flyer programs and how the airlines seem to be making them worth less every year, there might be a little good news. Available award seats are on the increase. Now comes the obvious question: What's the catch?

Posted on Thu, 14-May-2015 at 21:24 GMT | Read More
Airlines make mistakes and passengers usually bear the brunt of it. Sometimes airlines make mistakes but passengers win – sort of. When an air fare is published and consumers start purchasing tickets at that price, what happens when the airline later says that the fare was a slip-up? Regulators in the U.S. are preparing to lay out rules regarding "mistake" fares, but it requires them to stop enforcing current ones.

Posted on Wed, 13-May-2015 at 21:58 GMT | Read More
Throughout any given year there are rankings and reports that detail the performance of airlines in various categories. Among the most attention-grabbing reports are the on-time results and the passenger complaint rankings. For the UK and the U.S., we have one of each.

Posted on Tue, 12-May-2015 at 22:08 GMT | Read More
The most fundamental concept in economics is that supply and demand will dictate the price of goods and services. While airline passengers are used to such market forces determining the price of their airline tickets, they might be surprised to learn that their reward points and miles are going down the same path. Those airline award charts you've relied on to cash in your miles are becoming a thing of the past.

Posted on Mon, 11-May-2015 at 21:32 GMT | Read More
It seems that European travelers are once again facing a work stoppage at a major airline. This time, TAP Air Portugal could see disruptions to its schedule for nearly a third of the month of May if a dispute with pilots isn't settled.

Posted on Fri, 01-May-2015 at 16:50 GMT | Read More
Much has been made about airlines slicing and dicing what's left of the economy cabin into smaller, sellable pieces. If you want a better seat in coach, it will likely cost more. Now for a few airlines, the family that pays together, flies together.

Posted on Mon, 27-Apr-2015 at 22:06 GMT | Read More
If passengers bemoaned the increase in carry-on luggage because many airlines decided to charge for checked baggage, they might welcome the news that Boeing is making it easier to accommodate all that extra hand luggage. But will that ease some of the pre-boarding angst about running out of room above your seat?

Posted on Wed, 15-Apr-2015 at 19:57 GMT | Read More
Each year there are surveys, reports and other airline ranking mechanisms that give flyers a snapshot of how the industry is doing when it comes to service. One of these reports took a look at some carriers in the U.S. and the trends that emerged could be a concern to some airline passengers there.

Posted on Tue, 14-Apr-2015 at 21:13 GMT | Read More
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